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We Are Outcome Driven!

Corporate Strategists Corporate professional development associates are outcome driven in every effort to guarantee avoidance of negligent training.  Why Implement Succession Planning Programs For Professional Development In Your Company or Department



"If we do not know that we do not know, then therein lays stagnation.

But, if we know that we do not know, and do nothing about it, then that is growth.  When we know that we know, use what we know to our betterment, then that must be security."


On occasion, company leadership (e.g., supervisors, managers, upper level associates, etc.) might not fully understand how succession planning really helps the organizational capacity building strategy.   Noted, succession planning is not only about grooming or leaving some one to carry on our name.

Additionally, it is about sustaining the edge the owners envisioned overtime. This is even more the reason why leaders are a targeted group. Their primary responsibility is to enhance the knowledge about succession planning, through a continuous and consistent process.

Probably one of the most dynamic examples I have studied is the succession planning programs at American Express. I learned about this about 16 years ago, and ever since, I have been promoting the potentiality of this in various industries and company sizes. Unfortunately, there are more business owners (entrepreneurs) than intrapreneursl practicing this initiative.

To reiterate, this workshop targets executive levels in the workplace -- directors, managers, supervisors and the like. 

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