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Trade is only a component of the vast industry of international business; maybe best analogies are those connectable with not only nuts and bolts, but also hooks and eyes, buttons and bows.   

The fascinating components of international commerce encompasses all activities that take place to promote the transfer of goods, services, resources, people, ideas, and technologies across international borders.   And, cannot be taught in an all-inclusive arena.  Over time, the confluence of connectivity is best explored, horizons discovered, and those 'aha moments' realized.    

An excellent component is that of  International eCommerce .    We are currently organizing a phenomenal team of international business persons who will speak to the topics.  

Upon completion, we guarantee that every attendee will have a checklist, with the moving parts that can be implemented immediately. 

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We mentioned the 48 countries on the Continent of Asia, which includes the Middle East.  The seven globes represents 7 Continents!  Would it not be a business opportunity learn about each country's potentiality to do business with many of the small businesses as well as the large?  What of their absolute advantages relevant to outsourcing and partnerships?